Voltron Legendary Blue Lion

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Prepare for the complete Voltron experience! The Legendary Blue Lion is not only fully articulated, but also includes the Ice Ray projectile launcher, and can transform into the right leg of Voltron. When combined with the other Legendary Lions, you can form a 16" Voltron with incredibly fun features! The Blue Lion is the right leg of Voltron, and has incredible powers to operate in water. The Blue Lion is also the “friendliest” of the lions – it’s the most accepting of new pilots and never has a problem forming Voltron. The Blue Lion has an ice ray that can instantly freeze anything it touches.
  • Includes the "Ice Ray" projectile launcher
  • Transforms into Voltron's right leg to combine with Legendary Lions to form 16" Voltron!
  • Includes speeder with pilot, Lance
  • 19 points of articulation