Toy Biz Marvel The Uncanny X-Men Ice Man Action Figure 4.75 Inches

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Iceman has the mutant ability to turn himself into a being of living ice. Once he does that , he can create almost anything he wants: ice slides, ice weapons, ice shields, not to mention icicles and snowballs. And when he really concentrates, he can create a blinding snowstorm even in the middle of July! But most important of all, the X-Men know that no matter how hot the battle, Iceman always keeps his cool.

  • Includes: Ice Man poseable action figure, slide, and trading card.
  • Ice Man changes color in the freezer. Freeze him and he will be covered in icicles. Iceman will return to normal in room temperature.
  • Produced in 1992. No longer produced.
  • Suggested for ages 5 and up.