SWAT: Global Strike Team

Universal Interactive

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Travel to top-secret exotic locations as you battle to find and destroy sinister gangs of terrorists.

  • It's 2018, and you're the leader of the Global Strike Team -- charged with bringing in the dangerous criminals who hide across borders. Use your mastery of hand-to-hand combat and the latest technology to take down the scum of the world!
  • You'll master multiple disciplines as you go -- from hand-to-hand takedowns and close-quarters combat, to long-range shooting and exposives
  • Special voice-recognition lets you command your squad through your voice -- if you tell them to lock and load, they'll do it. Tell criminals to put their hands up, and drop the weapon, and if they don't, BANG!
  • Thrilling action with a variety of new weapons and equipment, as you fight the world criminals on Earth!