Star Wars 12" Queen Amidala Red Senate Gown Doll 1999 Portrait Edition

Star Wars

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BRAND NEW / GIFT QUALITY...Never Removed from the box. STAR WARS Classic Edition...QUEEN AMIDALA Red Senate Gown 1999 Portrait Edition, Number 3 in a Series of 3.

Part of the 1999 Portrait Edition, this high-quality collector's doll celebrates Queen Amidala as the great leader she is. Steadfast in her dedication to the small planet of Naboo, the benevolent young queen is ready to take on the evil forces to insure the well-being of her people. Queen Amidala is regally dressed in an ornate plush-red-velvet robe embellished with embroidered trim and gold-braid piping. Beneath the robe, she wears a pleated taffeta gown. The decorative headpiece with gold tassels gives Queen Amidala a look of majestic power. Includes doll stand. --Alison Golder