Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 5 The Traveler Action Figure

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Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Series 5 Traveler NIP Action Figure from the 1994 toy series. Subject: The Traveler Species: Humanoid Specific Incident: The Traveler, a being who can control space and time by focusing the energies of thought within himself, has appeared several times around the Enterprise. His planet, Tau Alpha C, is immensely far from the Federation, but distance is no obstacle to the Traveler. He is mysterious, but his intentions seem to be peaceful. The Traveler has found human society fascinating: several times he has infiltrated the Enterprise in disguise. He also seems to sense special, mystical abilities in Wesley Crusher. Most recently, the Traveler impersonated Lakanta, a Native American mystic. His tribe was supposed to leave a planet they colonized because of a new treaty between the Federation and the Cardassians. Under the influence of Lakanta, alias the Traveler, Wesley interfered with the negotiations, and the tribe refused to leave. Eventually the crisis subsided when the tribe agreed to live under Cardassian rule. Galactic Accessories: Engineering Monitor Engineering Stool Federation Action Base