STAR TREK - Next Generation (Playmates) Lieutenant Worf (Ritual Klingon Attire) Holodeck Series Action Figure


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Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Holodeck Series Lieutenant Worf (Ritual Klingon Attire) NIP Action Figure from the 1994 toy series. NCC-1701-D Starfleet Ethnology Report Subject: Lieutenant Worf Assignment: Starship Enterprise Lieutenant Worf of the Starship Enterprise has recently undergone a series of Klingon ceremonial rituals. His participation in the Klingon traditional rites of passage have opened the door for Starfleet to view a rare glimpse of these mysterious and often misunderstood ceremonies. On Stardate 42686.4, Lt. Worf celebrated the tenth anniversary of his Age of Ascension ceremony. In a holodeck simulation of this manhood rite, Worf was subjected to a gauntlet of Klingons with painstiks: enduring this ordeal brings the Klingon warrior to new levels of spiritual awareness. On Stardate 44246.3, the Sonchi ritual for K'mpec was observed. Sonchi is part of the Rite of Succession, confirming the death of a leader. Dressed in ritual Klingon attire and carrying a spiked war club, Worf issued a challenge to K'mpec's lifeless body, while testing it with a painstik. Upon the confirmation of K'mpec's passing, Gowron was installed as Leader of the Klingon high council. Galactic Accessories include: Klingon Disruptor Klingon Painstik Spiked War Club Klingon Action Base