Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Commander William T. Riker Series 2 Action Figure


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Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Series 2 Commander William T. Riker NIP Action Figure from the 1993 toy series. PROFILE: Riker, William, son of Federation Envoy Kyle Riker. Born on the planet Earth in the city of Valdez, Alaska. An adventurous spirit with a charming demeanor. Likes to socialize. Comfortable with command situations, though persistent in wanting to expand beyond his limitations. Enjoys playing games of skill and strategy, such as 3D chess. He is especially fond of poker. A competent negotiator and statesman, though he prefers a course of action. COLLECTOR'S NOTE: This figure is an authentic reproduction of Commander William Riker as he appeared in the second season. Items of note are the placement of his pips and the piping at the top of the uniform. The burgundy uniform with the lower collar represents the original version of the Next Generation Commander uniform.