Star Trek Next Generation Action Figure - Dr. Beverly Crusher


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Star Trek - Next Generation (Playmates) Series 5 Dr. Beverly Crusher (1940's Attire) NIP Action Figure from the 1994 toy series. Subject: Dr. Beverly Crusher Incident Site: U.S.S. Enterprise, Holodeck Specific Incident: A murder-mystery program called 'The Big Goodbye' can be found in the holodeck on the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D. The program deals with a detective named Dixon Hill, who lives in the 1940's in San Francisco. On Stardate 41997.7, dressed in a letching 1940's outfit, Dr. Crusher entered the program in progress to join Data, the ship's historian Whalen, and Captain Picard on a collective adventure. Dr. Crusher reported that the holodeck program seemed quite real: she could see lipstick on Captain Picard's face, which had been left by a mysterious woman. According to the ship's computer sequencing log, Dr. Crusher entered a Police station, where Picard, acting as Dixon Hill, was being interrogated about the murder of his client -- the mysterious woman. While the crewmembers were consumed by the adventure, an alien race called the Harada probed the U.S.S. Enterprise and accidentally disengaged the holodeck program's failsafe features, making the simulation's effects suddenly real. Whalen, for instance, was wounded by a pistol. Dr. Crusher administered first aid, but knew that return to the U.S.S. Enterprise was paramount. Wesley Crusher helped repair the holodeck quickly and rescue his mother. Everyone re-entered the U.S.S. Enterprise safely, and Dr. Crusher operated on the historian, who recovered with no ill after-effects. 1940’s Styled Accessories: Pistol Compact Handbag Parasol Starfleet Action Base