STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine Series 3 Chief Odo from Necessary Evil Action Figure


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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates) Series 3 Security Chief Odo NIP Action Figure from the 1996 toy series. Subject: Odo Species: Shape-Shifter Rank: Chief Security Officer Assignment: Deep Space Nine Service Record Update: Odo, Chief Security Officer for Deep Space Nine, has solved a murder case that has baffled law enforcement agents for over 5 years. An attack on the Ferengi, Quark, prompted Chief Odo to a form a hypotheses and a solution for the mysterious case. A bizarre list of 8 people who were seemingly unrelated was discovered by Quark. The names on the list turned out to be people a Bajoran woman named Pallra was blackmailing. But for what reason? These people were traitors to the Bajoran cause during the underground war. And as a result of this discovery, Pallra ordered an attack on Quaark to silence him. Odo, while investigating the nearly fatal assault, rememberedt hat Pallra’s husband Vaatrik had been murdered 5 years earlier. Odo speculated on whether there was a connection. After some investigating, he discovered that during the war Vaatrik had collaborated with the Cardassians, along with others named on the list. Odo then wnt on to find that Kira Nerys had shot Vaatrik in an act of war, when she fought with the Bajoran underground. Mystery solved, Pallra was subsequently jailed for blackmail and for contracting a “hit” on Quark. Special Remarks: Chief Security Officer Odo is to be commended for his quick and through action in this difficult case. Galactic Gear: List of Bajoran Traitors Bajoran Pad Bajoran Tricorder Deep Space Nine Monitor Bajoran Action Base