Special Collector's Edition of Big Idea's Jonah--A VeggieTales Movie


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Christian pop-culture phenom VeggieTales finally hits the big screen with Jonah--A VeggieTales Movie, as recounted and commemorated in this collector's edition tribute to the making of and history behind the film.

Big Idea Productions' managing editor Cindy Kenney retells how this plucky startup and its promise of "Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun" swept to popularity, leading to the inevitable feature-length Jonah. The book begins with a foreword by founder Phil Vischer (Bob the Tomato's alter ego to animator-partner Mike Nawrocki's Larry the Cucumber) and details how the movie's "nugget of truth"--the biblical story of Jonah--grew into an 88-page script, brought to life by "thousands of drawings, hundreds of props and models, miles of computer cable, 180 computer CPUs calculating 24 hours a day, using two terabytes of hard disk space over a period of two-and-a-half years." The last half of the book retells the movie in story form, including many actual scenes from the movie.

VeggieTales fans won't find a better source for insider info than this hardbound tribute, and kids and grownups alike should enjoy the chance to study many stills from the film. Especially exciting, though, are dozens of conceptual drawings that shine a light on the research and creativity behind Vischer and Nawrocki's handiwork. (Ages 9 and older) --Paul Hughes

From the Back Cover

A long time ago…in a gullet far away…there was a story of a man who was eaten…and lived to tell about it! So begins the story in Big Idea Production's first-ever movie production, Jonah-A VeggieTales Movie. This full-color, illustrated Special Collector's Edition book lets readers peek behind the scenes at the making of the movie. In additions, it includes a beautiful adaptation of the story that shows how God gives people second chances in life.

This book outlines how Big Idea Production got its start and describes a mission based on quality entertainment and biblical messages. It will take the reader through the animation process, highlighting fascinating features like story and visual development, character voices, sound, lighting, and special effects. This story of indecision and indigestion is filled with values that families will love. It's fun, it's entertaining, and best of all, it teaches about God's mercy and compassion in a whole new way!