RF Online - PC

by Codemasters Games

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RF Online is an epic mix of traditional fantasy MMOG mixed with unique futuristic sci-fi action to bring an entirely new and original take on the existing MMORPG genre. Set in a deep space galaxy known as Novus, take your pick from three all-powerful warring factions leading your character into the final battle for total control over the entire Novus galaxy. Chose from either the Bellato Union, taking control of individual robot battle units like never seen before within any MMOG, Holy Alliance Cora, the mystical and fantasy orientated race utilising the power of magic and finally the mighty Accretia Empire, a futuristic alien race intent on spreading destruction across the entire sector with their advanced weaponry systems.

  • Travel to the far-off world of Novus, and choose from one of three all-powerful factions
  • Control the Accretian Empire, with its totalitarian regime, mechanized army and rigid scientific thinking
  • You can also lead the Holy Alliance Cora -- a religious civilization with a firm grounding in ancient magical arts & weaponry blessed by their gods
  • A third race, the Bellato Union, combines science and magic -- their quick financial minds and expansive trade will be used to ensure that neither the Accretia or Holy Alliance takes control of the world they want