Reaction TMNT Leonardo Action Figure Standard

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Leadin' Leo Leading ain't easy. Just ask Leo! The turtle spends his days keeping all of his brothers in-line. He has to make sure Raph doesn't go completely bonkers with that short fuse of his. He has to make sure that Mikey doesn't tear the whole sewer down with his constant breakdancing marathons. He even has to keep an eye on Donnie to make sure he doesn't accidentally blow up their home with his latest pizza cannon machine. Whew! It sounds like he could use a break. Well, maybe he can hang out in your collection for a while! This TMNT Reaction Leonardo Action Figure can head to your home for a little rest and relaxation! Fun Details Based on the iconic 1990s cartoon series, this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure is a retro-style figure that looks great in any collection. It comes with limited articulation to give it that vintage feel, and it comes with a pair of toy katanas. You can take him out of the box so he can resume his leader duties... or you can leave him in the box so he can just chill for a little while! Either way, he'll be happy to join your collection. - Action Figure - Pair of Katana - Pizza Slice