Rapid Deployment Force "SKULL" 12" Poseable Figure (1992)

Rapid Deployment Force

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This 12" poseable figure wears a one piece black body suit with a white skull emblem on the chest and left arm. The figure wears red arm bands, a red belt, red knee bands and steel gray boots. "Skull", as this figure is known, comes with a steel gray electronic vision system helmet with a skull logo on the front, a laser generator back pack, twin laser sub machine gun and hand held sam "stinger" missile. This figure has black hair and a mustache.

  • One of a set of six (6) figures produced in 1992
  • Changeable outfits
  • Exciting weapons and equipment
  • Suitable for all 12" figures
  • Other figures are Airborne Ranger, Para Ninja, "Scuba", Sky Raider, and Night Fighter