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Join us as we unlock the vaults of the Silent Movie monsters. Inspired and recreated from the original Nosferatu, regarded as one of the most influential movies in film history.

The tale of the vampire Count Dracula is such a part of modern pop culture that many film fans may not realize the character had its cinematic roots in Nosferatu, the chilling 1922 silent classic by German director F.W. Murnau. Inspired by that dark classic, this elaborate collectible action figure of Knock Renfield the Madman is authentically detailed and handpainted to replicate the look of the black-and-white film (a colorized figure is also available). This Aztech Toyz set compares favorably with others and includes an asylum diorama (complete with shackles, bed, and a few crawling surprises) ready for Renfield to be displayed (or play) in. Connect Knock with the Graf Orlok diorama (available separately) to form one huge, frightening display. Also included is a film cell collector's card. --Matthew Mason

  • Hauntingly Realistic Detail
  • Asylum Diorama with Shackles, Bed adn Extra Creepy Crawlers