McFarlane's Fantasy Series 1: Legend of the Blade Hunters - Tyr (Dragon Rider)

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A destiny found. An epic journey to the ends of th earth. This is the story of a gathering of heroes, and their quiet to uncover four mystical weapons with powers beyond belief.

An infamous criminal whose violent past haunts his every move, Tyr, The Dragon Rider has learned a terrible secret - a cabal of dark forces is scouring the globe in search of four ancient weapons known as the Runeblades. Now, Tyr must gather a group of adventurers (some friend, some foe) to journey with him on an epic quest to uncover the runeblades before their power is used to usher in a new age of destruction. Some assembly required. Includes removable mask. Measures 6" tall.

  • Measures 6 5/8 inches at top of head (7 inches at top of removable skull mask). Articulated at neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, thighs and knees. Includes two bladed weapons, removable mask and 3¼-inch by 2-inch deep custom base.
  • Originally released in 2008 - Retired / Out of Production
  • From McFarlane Toys
  • Ages 14+