Mcfarlane Moon Mission Mini Me From Austin Powers 2

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When a conniving genius takes his world-dominating plans into outer space, his right-hand, er, clone must follow. Styled by McFarlane straight from the hit Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, this articulated Series 2 action figure stands 3 inches tall (cut him some slack--this is Mini Me, people!) and comes outfitted in a silver space suit with a removable bubble helmet. Accessories include a pen, a note pad embossed with "From the Desk of Dr. Evil," and a silver attaché case crammed full of minidollars. He attaches to the colorful display base via a removable foot peg, or he can be posed alone. Press the button and Dr. Evil's voice says, "Breathtaking, I shall call him Mini Me!" --Matthew Mason