Marvel Legends Series Thor: Ragnarok 6"-Scale Movie-Inspired Grandmaster & Korg Collectible Action Figure 2 Pack

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The exuberant and dangerous ruler of a distant planet Built on chaos and indulgence the Grandmaster controls an incredible gladiatorial contest in which Thor and other powerful beings from throughout the cosmos face-off in spectacular and deadly combat A giant rocket monster of the kronan species Korg is a captured revolutionary forced by the Grandmaster to fight in his gladiatorial games The amazing storytelling and culture-shaping legacy of Marvel now spans 80 years Inspired by both iconic Marvel comic books and blockbuster movies from the Marvel Cinematic universe these the highly detailed 6-inch-scale Legends series action figures are a perfect tribute to that legacy
  • Marvel Legends series 6-inch action figures celebrate the Marvel Cinematic universe with this Grandmaster and Korg (for the first time in the Marvel Legends series) 6-inch-scale action figure 2-Pack
  • Marvel movie-inspired design with premium deco inspired by the Thor Ragnarok film these Grandmaster and Korg figures make a great gift for fans of Marvel entertainment
  • Premium pose ability and detail these highly articulated Marvel Legends series figures feature intricate character detailing making them excellent for both play and display
  • Includes accessories both the Grandmaster and Korg figures come with character specific accessories allowing fans to create Dynamic poses and memorable scenes from the Marvel Cinematic universe
  • Look for other Marvel Legends series items fans can look for many more Marvel Cinematic and comic inspired action figures from the Marvel Legends series! (Sold separately Subject to availability )