Lord of the Nazgul

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One of Toy Vault's most popular action figures in their line of Middle Earth Toys is the Lord of the Nazgul. Taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, this evil character is certainly one of the more frightening villains, from his first appearance as one of the Black Riders in Fellowship of the Ring, to his brief but scarey appearances in The Two Towers, and finally his "big moment" in The Return of the King.
This was the first "deluxe" figure in the line, and is boxed rather than carded. Toy Vault made these figures in a one inch to one foot scale, based on the Lord of the Nazgul's height of eight feet, this figure is therefore eight inches tall.

The Lord of the Nazgul has a plastic prism set into his head to refract light and give his red eyes that spooky glow and if you look very closely, you can see the back of the inside of the helmet: he has no face, true to the books as the character wore one of the evil rings, which had eaten away at his body over the centuries, while keeping his spirit alive.The Nazgul Lord features twelve points of articulation: both knees, both hips, a waist, both wrists, both elbows, both shoulders, and a neck.