Kenner DC Comics Legends of Batman Catwoman Action Figure 4.75 Inches


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CATWOMAN Legends of Batman Toy Action Figure by Kenner Femme fatale Selina Kyle takes to the Gotham skyline as the mysterious Catwoman. Though she enjoys the thrill of jewel theft, Catwoman's heart, it seems, is pure gold. More playful and flirtatious with Batman than violent, she is something of an anti-hero, righting the wrongs of Gotham's underworld as she sees fit while still pilfering what expensive prizes she desires. With her skin-tight bodysuit and trademark whip, she provides the Dark Knight with both challenge and temptation.

  • Includes: purple Catwoman action figure, whip, Quick-Climb Claw, Capture Net, and trading card.
  • Produced in 1994.
  • Suggested for ages 4 and up.