Hasbro Star Wars - Power of The Force - Cantina Aliens - Labria, Nabrun Leids, Takee


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1998 - Star Wars - Power of the Force - Cantina Aliens Action Figure Set - Cinema Scenes Series - Action Figures : Labria / Nabun Leids / Takeel - Minor Shelf Wear - Out of Production - New - Mint - Rare - Limited Edition - Collectible - Perfect gift for any collection


Although it's spanned multiple films and decades, one of the Star Wars saga's most beloved scenes remains the Mos Eisley Cantina showdown from Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope. This collectible trio further fleshes out the Cantina's colorful cast of alien misfits and troublemakers and features the Power of the Force line debut of Takeel ("Snaggletooth") and the first-ever action figure renditions of the devilish Labria and the four-armed Nabrun Leids, each armed with their own distinctive side-arm blasters. --Jerry McCulley

  • 1998 - Hasbro - Star Wars - Cinema Scenes Series
  • The Power of the Force - Cantina Aliens Set
  • Labria / Nabrun Leids / Takeel Action Figure
  • Out of Production - Minor Box Shelf Wear
  • New - Mint - Rare - Limited Edition - Collectible