Flash Gordon - Princess Thundar Action Figure

Flash Gordon

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Princess Thundar - Powerful Lionid Warrior is an important part of Team Flash! Princess Thundar roars across the sky on her AirSled! As seen in the Animated Flash Gordon TV show!

  • The Rolling Rocket AirSled Princess Thundar leaps into action against the evil minions of Ming the Merciless!
  • Princess Thundar action figure comes with the following accessories:
  • Lion Stars - When Ming's stooges see these stars, they never wake up!
  • Revel VisiPad - Princess Thundar uses this visual com-link to communicate with the other members of Team Flash!
  • Rocket Rolling AirSled - Princess Thundar lives up to her name when she bolts into the blue on her AirSled.