Duel Masters Bolshak Dragon and Fatal Attacker Horvath


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Hasbro Duel Masters Bolshack Dragon & Fatal Attacker Horvath - 2 pack from 2003.

Centuries of war have left the homeland of the fire civilization a blasted wasteland of solidified magma, volcanic ash and jagged obsidian. The two chief races - Humans and Dragonoids - scrounge among the ruins of their civilizations seeking remnants of their once overwhelmingly powerful technology., all the while girding themselves for further battle. Life in the Fire Civilization revolves around the mining and processing of iron and the production of ever more powerful weaponry.

  • Recreate the fury of the Duel!
  • Includes #26 Bolshack Dragon and #20 Fatal Attacker Horvath!
  • Great item for Duel Masters fans!
  • These mini figures are rare and no longer being produced
  • Each figure is about an inch to 2 inches high