Duel Master Collectible: Urth The Purifying Elemental & Frei Apostle of Air


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Recreate the fury of the Duel! A dense jungle made up of impossibly gigantic World Trees covers the continent the Nature Civilization calls home. Chaotic and without leaders, it's a society ruled only by the laws of fang and claw. Recent incursions by Water and Darkness powers have left the Nature Civilization's normally self-isolating creatures with little option but to ready themselves for war.

Recreate the fury of the Duel! The Lights Civilization was forced to interrupt its peaceful, solitary ways due to a series of invasions. The Light Bringers, leaders of the Lights Civilization, determined they must become more aggressive to repel invaders and keep their homeland safe. Ages 5 & up.

  • Recreate the fury of the Duel!