Captain Action as The Green Hornet 12 Inch Action Figure KB Toys Exclusive

Captain Action

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This limited edition, original reproduction of Captain Action comes dressed in an authentic replica of his 1960's Green Hornet costume, the trademark fedora and trench coat complete with stinger cane and gas pistol. First released in 1966, Captain Action was the world's most versatile superhero. At the time of his debut, nine sets of costumes and masks were made so Captain Action could adopt the personas of popular heroes from television and comics. In 1967, The Green Hornet mask and costume were produced from the character of the radio and television adventure series. The true identity of The Green Hornet is wealthy newspaper mogul, Britt Reid. Chauffeured by his karate-chopping sidekick, Kato, by night The Green Hornet puts on his mask and is ready to fight crime bosses, gangs and the mob. The two ride around the city in the sleek Black Beauty, foiling organized crime. Look for Captain Action with the never before released mask and costume of Kato and othere favorite superhero and comic characters. And, be sure to add the original Captain Action and Dr. Evel to your collection, too. These collectible figures are destined to bring back the fun of childhood.

  • Reproduction of the 1966 Ideal 12 inches tall Captain Action as Green Hornet.
  • Set includes; 12 inches tall fully poseable Captain Action action figure, Green Hornet facemask and hat, Scarf, trench coat, pants, shoes and socks, Hornet's Sting Cane, Gas Gun pistol and sholder holster, gas mask, mini TV and phone.
  • Made by Playing Mantis in 1998 and long out of production.