Barbie For President Gift Set - Toys R Us Limited Edition Doll - 1991 Mattel


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Barbie For President Gift Set is a Toys "R" Us Limited Edition 1991 Mattel production doll set. Included in this Gift Set is a Barbie Doll, a 2 piece Red Suit, an Inaugural Gown, Earrings, Ring, Plastic Briefcase, Hairbrush and a Child's Size Button. The Inaugural Gown has a silver fabric top w/red straps and red trim at top of bustline and red cumberband type waist. The skirt part of the dress has a blue underskirt w/a layer of blue netting on top w/an additional 1/2 skirt in blue netting w/silver stars and silver thread trim around the hemline of that 1/2 length overskirt. The Red suit includes a dress or skirt (difficult to see d/t sealed box), and the skirt or skirt part of the dress is red w/gold trim at the waistline. The top or blouse part of the dress is white and that blouse top has a white + gold stripe scarf collar that ties at the neck that goes to the waist. (Blouse or top of dress is difficult to see d/t box being sealed + blouse being under the red jacket.) The Jacket of the Suit is red with long sleeves that has gold trim near the wrist area and gold trim around the front opening of the jacket. Barbie also wears white button earrings and a white button ring on her finger. There's a White plastic briefcase and a Barbie For President Button for a child to wear. All items and clothing are described to the best of my ability and may not be exact as to color, fabric or style. All items are doll sized except for Child Size Button. Doll can not stand alone. Recommended for ages 3+ years. Great fun Limited Edition Toys "R" Us Barbie For President 1991 Mattel production doll - great for any collection or just for fun play!

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