Avengers Animated Tigra Action Figure


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This 5-inch Tigra figure from Toy Biz was based on the animated series from the late 90s. The drone moves when the lever on the based is turned, causing the figure's hands to claw at it because of magnets. When the lever is pushed, the figure catapults off of the base.


Forget Emma Peel and John Steed; as any fan of the animated series on the FoxKids network will tell you, saving earth from the forces of evil is a job for a different breed of superhero. With The Avengers action figure Tigra, kids can call upon the superior speed, agility, and senses of this hirsute heroine for protection--if not of the planet, then at least of a good chunk of the family room. Tigra was known as Greer Nelson before strengthening experiments went wrong, and she is rendered here in all her superhero glory. She stands 5 inches high in molded plastic complete with articulated joints and uninspired "magnetic cat clawing and pouncing action"--a spring-loaded base with a lever and a couple of tiny magnets. On its own, Tigra is durable as a figure; when it comes to the "action" part, one wishes Toy Biz/Marvel had tried a few more experiments of their own before letting this catwoman out of the bag. --Tony Mason