Action Man Toxic 12 inch Dr X Action Figure

Action Man

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Action Man was first introduced in Great Britain in 1966 as a counter part to the popular G.I. Joe line in the United States. Like G.I. Joe, Action Man came in a variety of costumes and with a multitude of accessories. Action Man's popularity in Europe easily rivaled the American Joe as well. Sadly, Palitoy, who had been producing the Action Man line, stopped producing in 1984. But, Hasbro picked the line up again in 1994 with a slightly different and
bulkier body design. It was at this time that Action Man was introduced to American audiences. This was also accompanied by an early hand drawn animated show produced by DIC, a CGI animated show and a video game.

  • 12" figure with missile launcher, ice missile, body armor, pants, boots, eye patch, shirt and mission card.
  • Fully articulated body
  • Genuine Action Man product.
  • With Flowing "Toxic" Gut