1998 Spawn Action Figure Series 11 Dark Ages - Skull Queen

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Al Simmons sold his soul to the devil for a chance to return to his wife and daughter...but long before Simmons, other men walked the earth as Spawn! All of the characters from the pages of Spawn: The Dark Ages come to life in this well sculpted line of 7 inch scale action figures. Collect them all, each sold separately.


The Skull Queen is the Mistress of Evil and the secret foe of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Marlanda's ambition is to conquer not only Camelot but the entire world of the Dark Age. As the general of both the Hordes of Evil and an endless number of Skeleton Warriors, she may be all too able to destroy her foes. While she wields tremendous power through her alliance with demonic forces, she also carries a trio of deadly axes: a keen-edged scythe; a great, green ax; and a vast, staved blade that's as tall as she is (6 inches, to scale). It's a good thing that her weapons are so formidable, as her green bikini "armor" doesn't offer much protection in close combat. Her quest to destroy the forces of Light could result in an age that remains in darkness forever. --John Longenbaugh

  • Made by McFarlane in 1998
  • Size: 6.2 inch
  • For ages 5+