Citadel Astra Militarum Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad Warhammer 40,000


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The imperial guard is a vast fighting formation and for its operations to go smoothly amand structure is needed. The officers who lead platoon command squads are charged with ensuring their platoon fulfils the company commander\'s orders and gets the job done. Platoon commanders arepanied by a hand-picked team who help him fulfil his duties. The command squad coordinates ambushes, prioritises targets, positions kill-zones and leads the charge to destroy the enemy. This box set contains five multi-part plastic cadian command troopers. This 79-piece kit containsponents to enable you to assemble five specialist troopers, including: an officer, a medic, a special weapon trooper, a vox-caster and a guardsman with company banner. The squad can be armed with a choice of weapons including: a sniper rifle, a heavy flamer, a plasma gun, a grenade launcher, a flamer, a melta gun, a powerfist, a chainsword, a power sword, a plasma pistol, a bolt pistol and a laspistol. Also included are two different company banners, nine different guardsman heads and additional pieces to allow you to customise the rest of your imperial guard squads. Models supplied with 25mm round bases.

  • The set makes three Cadian Heavy Weapons Teams, each consisting of a gunner and a loader.
  • Included are the options to equip these teams with any of the following weapons: lascannon, heavy bolter, missile launcher, autocannon or mortar.
  • This kit is supplied in 123 plastic components and comes with 3 Citadel 60mm round bases.
  • Miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly